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Новая спортивная биржа Smarkets - The simple, social way to bet.
Денег полно.Откуда-неясно.Но похоже не однодневка.
Парни имеют все шансы на успех, если сделают то, о чём пишут в своем блоге:

Our aim is to have a commission structure that is competitive, fair, and transparent. We think 5% is too much to charge users, and we want it to be immediately obvious to customers what they can do to reduce their commission. With this in mind, we’d really appreciate any comments or feedback on our current proposals.

Under our proposed structure, we would slash the top rate of commission down to 4%, and offer further reductions to players as soon as they start betting. The reductions would increase along with the player’s average amount staked in a month:

Average staked per month Expected Commission
0-£50 4%
£50-£500 3.5%
£500-£5,000 3%
£5,000-£25,000 2.5%
£25,000-£50,000 2%
£50,000-£100,000 1.5%
£100,000+ 1%
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