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shaped from wire, the music begins, they strike a pose, and it's real. Most of the music was prerecorded by Zupanc on keyboard and percussion and Brian Grivna on reeds (saxophones and clarinet). Grivna's jazz pedigree includes years with the Buddy Rich band and many performances at local clubs. Grivna, an adjunct faculty member at the University of Minnesota and former staff woodwind performer for the Guthrie, also plays for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra. "He's the best," Zupanc says. "His wealth of experience is so deep, and he plays all the horns." Regina Williams sings,cheap jordans free shipping, acts Performances by the luminous Regina Williams are live, not prerecorded. Like most other adults in the cast,cheap jordans, Williams has multiple roles in "Bud, Not Buddy." In the first half of the play,www.amassdenver.com, she's an abusive mother in a foster home and a kind mother in a shantytown. In the second half, she's the singer for Calloway's band. Williams, a local treasure,cheap jordans, is a former Sounds of Blackness member and current company member of Penumbra Theatre. If you missed her brilliant star turn as Dinah Washington in Penumbra's musical drama "Dinah Was" in 2003, you can kick yourself now. "Working with her is a joy," says Zupanc. "She's a generous person and extremely talented." Nathan Barlow, a junior at the St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists,cheap jordans online, carries most of the play's weight on his 16-year-old shoulders as Bud. A gifted young actor
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